Asbestos And Hazardous Waste Safety Precautions

  • The LBin™ has a quarantine membrane that can quickly and easily be deployed if Asbestos, Hazardous or fowl loads are accidentally deposited
  • The LBin™ allows the site operator to isolate the load in the quarantine area for specialist treatment
  • The LBin™ can be used to accept Asbestos and then seal it with the sealant spray system before depositing the load into the asbestos pit
  • The specially designed LBin™ contains liquid waste that can be delivered to the liquid waste storage area
  • No waste delivered to the site touches any surface in the transfer station reducing contamination and cleaning issues
  • Loads can be easily inspected for hazardous or non-accepted waste types before loading the Bulk bin
  • By inspecting loads before they go to the Bulk bin there is reduced potential of contaminating a full Bulk bin with a little bit of haz-waste
  • Video surveillance can easily be placed over the LBin™ to identify vehicles depositing not accepted waste types