LBin™ System Case Studies

A look into the LBin systems applications around Australia

LBin™ Gravity Barrier / DODR system

Case Study 1: Footing Free Barrier System

  • Central NSW Site
  • The system was implemented to move the public away from direct deposition to landfills. 
  • Two gated Gravity barriers
  • One-off Drop off Bay with new high-impact Bump Bars.
  • Plans to expand the capacity and drop off functions progressively. 
  • Significant improvements in safety & customer satisfaction.
  • Public contained to 1 main area.

LBin™ Retrofit Bolt to Floor

Canning waste transfer station

Case Study 2: Bolt To Slab Barrier System:
  • Site in Perth, Western Australia
  • Retrofit to existing pushpit.
  • A WorkSafe order triggered the requirement after a person fell into a pushpit.
  • 4 LBin bolt to slab Bays, 2 Compact Bays & 2 Tail lift platforms. 
  • Average 30-second cycle time to empty.
  • The site is much cleaner. Dust-wetting down is rarely used now.
  • Problem and recoverable material interception increased significantly.

LBin™ SheltaBay Gravity Barriers

Byron Waste Transfer Station

Case study 3: Gravity Barriers & Shelta Bays: 
  • Site on the north coast of NSW. 
  • Located on a sloping site on a capped landfill.
  • Weighted barriers are used to avoid breaking the Landfill cap.
  • XX Bays with Sheltabay roof area.
  • Moving customers away from a direct-to-ground deposition.
  • Significant improvements in resource recovery and site cleanliness