LBin Systems are scalable for any size site

The LBin™ systems can be deployed in the smallest of remote sites or the largest metropolitan sites.

Detailed calculation software is available from Contained Waste Solutions to assess and quantify the number of LBin Bays needed for any site. 

Typically an LBin system requires 30-50% Fewer Bays than traditional Waste Transfer Stations.

Small Scale Sites

SheltaBay -Cover the bin & the customer.

Fits to 3.9 and 4.4 standard BumpBays and Gravity BumpBays

A small-scale LBin System can be deployed close to the demand at a low capital cost with all the following benefits:

  • rapidly deployed with little fuss, in as little as 8 weeks.
  • delivers all the same benefits in safety and recovery as a large-scale system.
  • low establishment costs. You are up and running with a fenced site, a couple of LBin System bays & a small machine.
  • viable for sites that operate as little as 1-2 days per week.
  • can minimise illegal dumping by having more sites closer to populated areas.
  • can be operated by a team of 2 with a small machine, a team that can move from site to site for different open days.
  • can be established to manage seasonal variations in demand
  • Using load cells on your machine eliminates the need for a weighbridge while providing accurate records of received and recycled waste
  • Gravity BumpBay systems don’t even need a slab

Gravity BumpBay (no slab required)

A level, compacted area of ground is all you need.

Large Scale Sites

The LBin™ systems can be scaled up to any size site, including sites with several hundred vehicles a day.

The 8 Bay LBin System below can cater for over 350 vehicles a day and is expandable to cater for another 96 vehicles with space for 2 extra bays.

Traditional Large Scale Sites

Traditional larger scale Waste Transfer Stations have the following challenges:

  • High Capital cost with long depreciation cycles.
  • Long time to design, develop, approve and construct
  • Are built to a capacity forecast that initially will see underutilisation and eventually won’t be sufficient.
  • Are designed for set processes that reflect the rules & regulations of the time. Rules and regulations that change.
  • Regulatory changes requiring improved Safety, Recycling & Reuse are already presenting process challenges in Traditional WTS.
  • Traditional, constructed facilities are struggling to refit to address safety issues such as falls from height

LBin System Large-Scale Sites

  • There is no limit to the scale of an LBin system site.
  • if you have the site area you can increase or decrease the LBin system to match the current demand
  • Capital cost is low and aligned with actual demand, not future forecast demand
  • Capacity capital can be added as needed over time
  • Capital costs are appreciably plant and equipment with a shorter depreciation cycle than built structures
  • Elements and entire systems can be relocated to new sites, multiple sites, or on-sold
  • The system is at the cutting edge of regulatory requirements and is easily adapted for change