Simple & cost-effective, mobile wind-blown litter containment

The Patented LitterFence™ suite of solutions are mobile fluted fence systems designed to catch, control and concentrate wind blown litter for easy collection.  

These solutions are ideal for landfills and Waste Transfer stations.

The core principle is, the closer you can get to the work face with your litter trap the less that will get past. That’s why all of the LitterFence™ solutions are relocatable, so as your waste work-front moves the LitterFence™ moves easily with it.

  • Front Pick Up

    Working side pick-up hooks make it quick and easy to lift, empty and relocate the Litterfence.

  • Modular Construction

    Bolted simple connections make replacing damaged parts easy.

  • Galvanised Steel Construction:

    Made from pre-galvanised steel sections and mesh for long-lasting results.

  • Fluted Design

    Patented fluted design direct wind-blown litter to the floor, avoiding the sail effect and making the unit very stable in prevailing winds.

  • Pre Assembly

    Each unit is delivered substantially pre-assembled to reduce set-up time on site.

  • Large Catching capacity

    At 8m Wide and 3-4.4m high (Max Extension) with a nominal 6m2 capacity, the LitterFence is ready to grab your wind-blown litter.

The Problem of Windblown Litter

The Litterfence in Use

The LitterFence Range of Options

LitterFence™ Standard

– The Standard is the perfect solution for capturing windblown litter.
– Ideal for Landfills and Waste Transfer Stations.
– large 8m wide x 3.4m high mouth.
– Fluted design guides litter into the bottom of the fence.
– Broad stable footprint for the windiest sites.
– Easily relocated using operators exiting machinery.
– Simple and effective pick-up hooks.
– Rugged galvanized steel frame construction.

LitterFence™- BigBelly

– the Big Belly is a optional >4m3 fitment for the rear of the LitterFence.
– Ideal for larger windier landfills or less frequent clean out operations.
– Galvanizes steel support arms and Mesh.
– UV stabilized nets
– Replacement nets available as needed.

LitterFence™- Max Extension

– Extends the height of the litterFence to 4.4m
– extends the capture envelope of litterFence for windy sites
– retrofit option

LitterFence™- Boundary Concentrator

– Ideal for landfills and waste transfer station fence lines where wind blown litter may accumulate.
– Designed to sit up against a fence to capture and concentrate litter blowing along a fence line.
– Wind blown litter is captured in a removable & replaceable netting bag.
– Concentrator design and rear gate allows for ease of emptying
– Rugged steel construction