Retrofits & Upgrades

LBin™ systems can be retrofitted to most traditional waste transfer sites.

Eliminating all the Major Safety issues and significantly improving material recovery.

Upgrade your unsafe & inefficient Sawtooth or Pit Waste Transfer Station

Retrofitting an LBin System on an old school Sawtooth or Push Pit WTS can result in the following benefits:

  • Major improvements in site safety

    • Eliminate Falls from height & Into bins
    • Reduce user-on-user contacts
    • Reduce user-on-staff physical interactions
    • Eliminate machine movements through user areas.
    • Reduce truck movements through the user area.
    • Reduce user site time by >50%
    • Reduce user Strains & Sprains by eliminating the need to carry and lift items over the waste transfer point
  • Improve Reuse Recovery

    • Identify valuable reuse and recycling items before they are committed to bulk waste
    • Swap out LBins with recoverables for extraction away from the public
    • Eliminate the need to store & move recovered items in the public area
    • As reuse items are placed in the LBin and not thrown over a wall or into a pit there is less damage, ensuring higher value and less repair work.
  • Intercept Problem Waste

    • Tyres, Paint, Gas Bottles, batteries, fire extinguishers, poisonous chemicals and others can represent substantial issues if they are permitted into the bulk waste stream.
    • Lay & Display of each load in the LBin allows for problem waste to be identified  & Intercepted before it contaminates the bulk waste.
    • LBins with problem waste can be swapped out,  the items can be extracted by skilled staff safely and away from the public.