Green Waste Management

Avoiding Green Waste Contamination

LBin Green Waste Management

Better management of public supplied green waste

The LBin System allows for Green waste to be managed at the same location as General Waste & Recyclables, at a lower operating cost, with real load inspection & material quality control.

  • Stop Contamination

    The ability to check and isolate individual loads allows the operator to significantly reduce the potential for green waste contamination

  • Better Staff Utilisation

    Manage and inspect Green Waste at the same location as General Waste. Reducing staffing requirements across the broader site.

  • Material Handling

    Loads once inspected can be taken directly to a mulcher for on-site processing or a transfer bin for offsite processing.

  • Reduce Fire Risk

    The ability to inspect,  identify and contain fire sources such as coals, batteries & chemicals in the LBin™ provides an opportunity to immediately intercept fire risks.

  • Site Cleanliness

    With mulch, lawn clippings and liquids contained in the LBin™ less work is needed to maintain the site for material spills. 

  • Vermin Control

    Containment in the LBin™ allows for inspection and interception of vermin. Processing directly into bulk bins appreciably reduces the formation of Vermin Habitats.

  • Eliminates Double Handling

    The LBin™ system allows materials to be taken directly to a Mulcher or transfer bin eliminating the need for unprocessed material stockpiled, with subsequent machine operations to load.

  • Reduced Machine & Staff movements

    With Green Waste being managed at the same location as General Waste,  there is no need to direct staff and machinery to remote areas of a site to process green waste.

Green Waste Fire

Fire Special Risk:

Fires in Green Waste are a common problem, with numerous potential triggers, including Gas Bottles, Coals, Batteries, chemicals and others.

Fires at Waste transfer facilities are treated by Fire Services as “Special Hazards” due to their frequency, volatility, toxicity and demands of fire services resources.

Several papers have quantified the significance of the issues including  Waste Fires in Australia: Cause for Concern? (

Core recommendations for mitigating fires include “thoroughly inspecting and controlling incoming refuse”,  this does not happen in traditional Waste Transfer Operations.

The LBin System allows for the thorough inspection and sorting of incoming green & General waste to help identify and contain the fire risk.