LBin for the Public

LBin Improving Public Safety & Experience


 For the LBin System user, it could not be easier or safer

  • Easy Reverse

    Reverse into a wide 3.9m or even more generous 4.4m bay

  • Safe From Heavy Machinery

    >1.2m high barriers separate users from heavy machinery and the system does not require machines to enter the user space for collections.

  • Easy Offload

    The rear of the user vehicle or trailer can overhang the LBin allowing loads to dropped straight onto the LBin floor.

  • Reduced Injuries

    No carrying material, lifting or throwing over barriers or into pits. No tyre stops to trip over.

  • One Stop Deposit

    No driving between the different drop points, for different waste, with the hassle of unpacking & repacking loads to get to the set deposit material.

  • Easy Unload of Loose Material

    Loose materials such as rubble, small items, and garden waste can be pushed or shovelled directly into the LBin. No carrying, shovelling, sweeping or pushing across the site floor.

  • Lay & Display

    Present the laid out content of the delivery to the operator, for fair fee charges.

  • Inspection

    The operator can confirm the content & cost of the load, and identify valuable, problems of hazardous items.

  • Safe from other Users

    Wide bays and barriers between bays prevent harm from other site users

  • Fast

    Quick no fuss deposit, of waste. Slide loads into the LBin and go.

Easy Safe & Clean Unload

How the LBin System improves the Public Experience

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