FAST- 50% Less time to offload SAFE- Flat Floor Design EASY- Drag Waste from vehicle to LBin

 For the public it could not be easier or safer:

  • Reverse into a wide 4m+ Bay.
  • Bay segregation prevents conflicts with other users.
  • >1.5m high barriers separate public from machinery.
  • Rear of vehicle can overhang LBin, for clean easy offload.
  • No carrying material, lifting or throwing over barriers.
  • Slide materials off vehicle into LBin, reduce the risk of sprains and strains.
  • Loose materials straight into the LBin. No sweeping or Shovelling.
  • Present laid out content of delivery to operator, for fair fee charges.
  • Operator confirms content & cost of load.

Out in less than half the time of a Sawtooth or Push Pit  Waste Transfer Station.