New- LBin™ System “Gravity BumpBay™”.

In response to client feedback we have developed the all new Gravity BumpBay™.

The ability to relocate the system based on demand and changes to sites is a key benefit cited by our customers. They challenges us to come up with a system that was easily relocated and with enhanced safety features.

The resulting solution is the all new Gravity BumpBay™ that uses the mass (Gravity)  of the barrier structure to hold the protective barriers in place

Other improvements in the Bay system a product of customer feedback and safety reviews include:

  • Barriers between bays of more than 1.5m in height.
  • Simpler lower maintenance gate system.
  • Deeper barriers to help guide clients down a path that prevents them from angling across the front of others bays.
  • Tall replaceable Guideposts to assist the clients alignment into the bays.

The barriers have also been designed to incorporate an integrated roof structure “SheltaBay™”.